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AventusIT specializes in automating business processes for financial services and has extensive experience in creating products in the following areas:

Default rate decrease
3-5 min
Application processing time
Average portfolio increase

AGIS software allows you to optimize every stage of your microfinancing process: from client onboarding and application sending to debt collection and remarketing activity for loyal customers. More than 10 years of experience of working in the Fintech industry that helps us to enhance loan procedures and bring businesses of our customers on a new level.

Car Leasing

AGIS offers the high-quality enhancement of leasing operations by automating all stages of financing: from client onboarding to loan servicing. Our team improves simplification of verification and scoring processes in order to let you focus on your marketing, sales and business activities.

POS/eCommerce lending

The smooth integration with KYC/AML services and credit bureaus helps AGIS to significantly simplify the lending process for both online and offline stores. Our solution will help you to increase sales volumes and add more loyal customers to your base.

Consumer Lending

AGIS software is designed and developed to enhance and optimize mid-term lending operations (30-360 days). It makes our system a good fit for financing SMB.


Complex client verification module
Credit products constructor
Adaptive scoring algorithms for different products
High-quality reports and analytics
  • Multiproduct support

  • Real-time activity monitoring

  • Personalized analysis of credit histories

  • Simple repayment options

  • Affiliate and postback analytics

  • BI integration

  • Full set of collection features: from call-center to porftolio cession

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