Clients – Aventus IT
The AGIS team helped us to start servicing loans incredibly quickly by integration all required verification and OTP services. It was a really amazing experience!
Andrey Gordienko, CEO Cash-Express
LendPlus is rewarded as a microfinancing company with one of quickest application processing in the market. We couldn’t achieve it without AGIS.
Serhii Trambovkin, CEO LendPlus
What is AGIS for us? AGIS is our business engine that supports and speeds up all our loan management processes. We cannot expect more.
Roman Gutu, CEO Credit365
Data processing and scoring algorithms are PDL business essentials, and we’re more than just satisfied with the AGIS performance.
Andriy Dokuchayev, CEO SelfieCredit
Indian financing market is fast-paced and agile – you always have to react quickly and stay on the wave. AGIS helps us to not worry about the technical aspect of our business.
Bogdan Chekomasov, CEO LendPlus
High-quality scoring algorithms in the combination with the set of collection tools helps us to decrease default rate from 40% to 22%. This is much more that we expected!
Flaviu Turcau, CEO Credit7

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