AGIS – Aventus IT

AGIS – modular automated loan management system

AGIS is a adaptible credit conveyor that receives, processes and scores clients applications in order to imburse loans with the minimal human actions and bring your business on a completely new level.

AGIS allows you to quickly and effectively automate integrations with partners, client relationship actions and product management with the use of completely customizable algorithms proven by time.

Team of experienced busyness analysts, project managers and software engineers
Comprehensive implementation support
11 countries
20+ clients

Our expertise

We are proud that our company is not just a team of software developers – we are experts in the adjustment and automatization of loan processes. We are confident about our capacity to solve your business challenges and exceed your expectations. At the same time, our expertise is your expertise because AGIS experts never hesitate to dive into your business.

FinTech products to manage your business

We offer a comprehensive software ecosystem that allows you to enhance and automate the loan origination and servicing processes with the use of following solutions:

Front Office
  • Sign-in/Sign-up

  • Collection of client details

  • All-in-one personal account

  • Loan documentation and terms

  • Custom frontend functionality

Loan Origination
  • Loan application

  • Client verification via KYC/AML and credit data providers

  • Automated scoring

  • Automated decision making

  • Documentation issuing


  • Loan transfer

Loan Servicing
  • Back office for loan and account management

  • Loan product management

  • Loan documentation management

  • Automated communication algorithms

  • Reports and analytics

Debt Collection
  • Segmentation of debtors

  • Real-time debt analytics

  • Debtor account

  • Bucket composal for collection teams

  • Legal penalties

  • Instant payment tracking


The AGIS ecosystem supports integration with multiple local and international third-party software solutions and state institutions.

Autofill services and knowledge bases
State verification systems
Credit bureaus
Scoring systems
Third-party collection systems
VoiP solutions
SMS providers
Photo and video hosting services
Marketing solutions
Custom integrations
  • Integration with existing websites or custom website development for leasing calculation
  • Adjustable admin panel
  • Integration with various KYC/AML solutions that will improve client verification process
  • Adjustable scoring and decision modules
  • Reports generation by roles, dealerships and car details
  • Highly effective debt collection module
  • Personalized offers for end clients
  • Effective scoring algorithms
  • Integration with SMS/VoIP/email solutions for better interaction with clients
  • Real-time analytics
  • Simple refinancing procedures
  • Advanced debt analytics functionality
  • Multiproduct support
  • Real-time activity monitoring
  • Personalized analysis of credit histories
  • Simple repayment options
  • Affiliate and postback analytics
  • BI integration
  • Full set of collection features: from call-center to porftolio cession

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